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Relaxing can be as simple as putting on sunglasses

RelaxEase Visual Relaxation  Glasses  Relax and Calm by using a only light and sound.  Pioneered by C. Normal Shealy, MD, these are proven to work.  Controls are all within the glasses.  No wires or charging needed.

RelaxEase System

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Pioneered by Dr. C. Norman Shealy

Image of Dr. C. Norman Shealy MD, inventor of RelaxEase Smiling woman wearing RelaxEase Relaxation Glasses. Uses brainwave stimulation and lights to focus thoughts naturally.

RelaxEase Benefits

Improve focus, rechannel energy, and erase tension.


My sleep is almost dreamless and I don't have nightmares anymore.

13 year old study participant

I find they are effective in stopping my "thinking" @ bedtime. They have improved my sleep.

June M.

These were exactly what I was looking for. I was attempting to duplicate what Positive Changes Hypnosis Centers do at a a premium price tag.

W. L.

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